Holiday Gift Guide for the Women of our lives

Starting with the Women in our lives of course.. here is my Top 10 for your spouse, mother or sister, in laws, aunt, girlfriend, or yourself! Take a look, share with your friends, help a sister out!

A Chemex Coffee Maker, snag a handmade mug to go along with it and you are set!

A buttery soft genuine leather tote bag - i'm not sure what i'd do without one at this point! Such a good investment piece for the go getter. I've used as a work tote, purse, travel bag, baby bag.. you name it!

A nice warm Pendelton wool blanket for the winter. These last a lifetime and aren't bad on the aesthetics either.

A staple jewelry item, like the handmade by Mo tassel earrings or a necklace from my shop.

A modern + efficient ceramic diffuser.

Absolutely anything from the BeautyCounter Holiday gift set line. Can't be beauty and ethics wrapped up in a pretty box.

A pair of nice house shoes. Tis the season for all things comfortable.. and you really can't un-know what you track through your house with shoes you wear outside your home.

A Zero Waste Starter Kit. How about that perfect gift?

Of course. The gift that keeps on giving.. with a little water. A Plant. A fig!!!

A bottle of CBD oil. A gift of care, I promise. It's a 10/10. I recommend Green Roads or Pure Kana from personal experience.

And thats it for my Holiday Gift Guide for Women. This post is affiliated with Amazon, just FYI. Here's a link to shop all my picks for your family and friends. I will post gift guides for men & littles soon!

Thank you!

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