Reasons to Hire a Family Photographer.

No. 1 : Your kids refuse to stop growing

Those hands don’t stay tiny and dimpled forever. The day’s come and go all before you know it. That season has passed and whoops, you blinked. Since it’s impossible to freeze time, its important to capture those moments that otherwise, couldn’t be relived. But having professional photos done? You can hang those memories on a wall, put them in a frame by the sink – so every time you’re washing the dishes, you’re reliving those sweet moments.

No. 2 : It's not just for the parents to look back on, but them

The average family pictures don’t reveal much as far as memories. Professionals have the opportunity to capture the best childhood memories, some that would have been forgotten if not preserved by someone’s lens. A lot of little details are captured, too. Like those gapped teeth (my fav), those silly faces they always make… or even the pouty ones. How mom always brushed his bangs with her fingers or danced with her little girl. Think of 2 or 3 of your favorite memories as a child….do you have any pictures of them?

No. 3: Life isn't perfect, but it is beautiful

Life with children isn’t easy (HA), and there are many moments of defeat and sleep deprivation, temper tantrums, teething, constant requests . . . the list goes on and on . . . and on. Most mamas I’m sure have those small moments of thinking, "What on this earth could have possibly possessed me to sign up for this?" Thinking back on a old world time of energy, fun, no stretch marks. But the truth is, most mama’s wouldn't change a thing about their current life, as crazy making as it often is. And when a photographer gets a great picture of your little one(s), one so lovely that you never would have been able to take it myself, one that perfectly captures their sweet, silly, wild souls, You then have a lifelong reminder of the beauty that fills your current life together. While photo sessions might be stressful, it is completely worth it.

No. 4: You will be in the images

Being a parent inspires that hidden photographer in all of us. In most families, there is a designated ‘photographer’, and often it is you, mama. This means that there are rarely any photos of you in the albums. Or, the photos of you aren’t so flattering as they have been taken by another member of the family (dad) that has no earthly idea what they are doing.

No. 5: Dedicated Family Time

Seriously. Its as simple as that. During a session, you, your partner, your kids.. none of you are distracted by any sort of electronic device or the next task on your to do list. It forces you to be present in the moment and really take in your family. You get to interact, play – hold time still. It’s a treasure if you think about it.

No. 6: Getting out of your everyday clothes

For you, getting out of the yoga pants may be a chore.. I get it. But it is a day to have everyone dressed in your dream family attire and get it on camera, because how often does it happen for all of you to look put together and effortlessly coordinated? Getting your kids dressed in matching clothes is a daily struggle, I know. It’s the one thing I have mostly given up on. If you’ve seen my kids in public, you know what I’m talking about. Thankfully, kiddo’s tend to listen to people other than their parents, so I’m here to help you with that and it’ll be documented on film. A miracle, right?

Photography: December Rain Conceptual Portraiture, Sam Slay Photography

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