The becoming of Mockingbird Mo

Welp.. here it is the first official blog post. Not feeling the pressure at all. I guess you may want to know who I am, where mockingbird mo came from, and what do I do exactly. I've never really been able to spit out a concrete answer for any of those questions, and when asked I usually pause and give the "why the hell did you ask me that face".

So, I have typed out multiple times something cliche like "above all else, i'm a mama.." No. Thats bullshit, i'm not going to do that, it just doesn't sit well. I'll tell you why later.

My name is Morgan, or Mo. One may think I've been called Mo my entire life, when in fact I've actually never liked being called Mo. But its growing on me. I guess it should if i'm going to have a business and a blog with Mo in it, huh? Mockingbird Mo came before Eclectic Mo so I guess thats a good starting point.

Mockingbird Mo

It started with seeing Mockingbirds wherever I went. Which I guess isn't the biggest surprise given that its the state bird and all. It would always bring back hints of my childhood playing at my great grandmothers house in the bluff. She was obsessed with birds, but her favorite has always been a hummingbird. She had 6 or 7 nectar feeders hanging from her back porch and always had a backyard full of birds. She would call us quietly to the back window to watch whatever bird was coming close. I didn't think much of it then, but now I take it in as a reminder to be mindful and just take a minute sometimes because i'm really not good at that. At our new home there is a mockingbird that visits often sitting outside my kitchen window around the time when I am washing the stacked up pile of dishes. I decided to look up the symbolism of the mockingbird. I'll share.

The mockingbird is of course most known for its medley of calls which are a culmination of many other birds. Something to takeaway from that is that likewise, your voice is a medley of circumstances, experiences and those that surround you. The mockingbird has a lot to teach you see. About the art of adaptability and going with the flow. About following your soul purpose and recognizing innate abilities. Communicating, and remembering to sing such a good song that you flush out negativity with your voice. Are you using your voice to bring joy?

When the mockingbird comes into our lives it can be a message that we need to rethink how we work, interact and communicate with others. Are we accommodating? Are we allowing others to feel heard? The mockingbird way is to always listen, then respond.

So, now that you know, I hope every time you see my handle pop up, or see a mockingbird out of your window while your doing the dishes you're reminded to be mindful of the impact you have on others and on yourself, to speak positive words into existence and to listen before you respond.

Okay I honestly wasn't planning on getting in deep on the meaning of my blog name. Moving on / starting over.

Hi, I'm Morgan. A name from the welsh origin meaning..kidding. I feel like a broken record, but there will *hopefully* be newbies around here reading this so here's the shppppill.

I had a baby when I was 16. I was a hellish teenager *sorry mom* and thankfully having a baby was exactly what I needed. Yeah, seriously. Fast forward past the inbetween moments of trying to grow up while raising baby as a teenager. I met my husband of almost 5 years at Bonnaroo. It's a good story for another time. I now have three amazingly precious terrors of children and I wouldn't have it any other way. But reflecting on the way above sentence.. I don't let them define me. I am my own person and I think its the most important thing as a mother to realize that. I'll elaborate in a different post at some point.

So flashing back to about 5 months ago.. when I quit my job at a local A&E firm to do who in the hell knows what, here I am. I skipped how things got started which I promise isn't the most entertaining to read but I'll tell you this..

The bouquet of businesses I own have all dwindled from the same desire. Me, expressing the importance of intentional living, transparency, self expression, the empowerment of women, motherhood, & the importance of knowing you can do anything. Ok and aesthetics. This space was created as a hub to make it easier on you **but really me** to try and keep up with it all. I hope you'll stick around and watch these businesses grow with me being just as surprised as you.

They are:

Sonder Finery Co.

Eclectic Mo's Styling

Hemp and Mortar (

C.C. The Workshop series

Mockingbird Mo

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