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What is a Wedding Stylist?

A wedding stylist, in a nutshell, is someone who is in charge of the aesthetics of your wedding. Often people can confuse a wedding stylist with a wedding planner, but they are very different roles. A planner is more so the ‘manager’ of the wedding who makes sure all the tasks are ticked off before the big day and everything runs to schedule. Our job as wedding stylists is much more fun (we think so anyway)! We’re the creatives of the wedding, we listen to your ideas about the wedding theme and bring those ideas to life. We can have as little or as much input as you like and we specialise in areas such as your wedding bouquet, decor, bridal party, furniture, decorations, venue ideas, backdrops for your ceremony and photos, table layout and dressing, wedding invitations and anything else to do with the look and feel of your wedding day! 

Nowadays, more couples are looking to create a unique wedding. Rather than a traditional ‘white wedding’, couples are wanting to celebrate their love in different and personal ways, from a wedding in a yurt, to a donut wall for your wedding cake and even silent discos! It’s all very creative and exciting, however, all this ability to be unique and different can often make the task of styling your wedding even harder, which is why wedding stylists have become far more popular in recent times. 

Like we said, as a wedding stylist, we can do as little or as much as you like. People use our expertise and experience for all different reasons and you might want a helping hand when it comes to styling your wedding too! So why might you want to hire a stylist for your wedding? Read on! 


None of us are ever expected to be an expert at everything in life. Just like you will outsource the task of making a wedding cake to the expert cake maker, you can outsource support when it comes to styling your wedding too. It’s reassuring to know you’re working with someone who does this for a living and is passionate about what they do. Working with a wedding stylist means you have a creative mind who can listen to your ideas and has the ability to bring them to life. Most likely, this is your first experience at styling an event, whereas a wedding stylist has done this hundreds, if not thousands of times. They have a keen eye for detail, they’re creative and they know all the problems that can or will arise and will have a plan B, C & D for it!  

Less Stress:

If you’re planning a wedding already, we’re sure you can totally relate to the stress of it all! Working with the experts can definitely ease this stress. Not only will they have most of the answers to your questions, they will do the time consuming tasks for you and help you to make decisions more easily. You can choose how involved you want your wedding stylist to be. They can organise absolutely everything to do with the wedding style or they can simply be there to setup and pack down all the styling. 

The last thing you want to be doing leading up to your wedding is running around like a crazy person trying to fine tune all the decorations and styling, or burdening friends/family with the task. A lot of couples find the support of a wedding stylist crucial for this part of their wedding. It’s one less thing to worry about on the big day and it feels so good the next day knowing you don’t have to drag yourselves out of your love cocoon to clean up!

But if you’re looking for a more budget friendly option when it comes to a wedding stylist, you might simply work with them in the early stages to fine tune the details of your styling, pick their creative brain and then do all the work yourself! 


Ahhh… there’s nothing better than knowing someone with connections when you’re planning your wedding! Not only does it mean they have the ability to perhaps save you some $$$, but they can also get answers quickly, know the best venues for your wedding style, can solve problems promptly and source the ridiculous amount of decorations required to style a wedding. Most people can spend days on end researching and contacting different businesses looking for particular items or to get the best price. A wedding stylist will already know all the people they need to talk to, who has what you need and how to get the best price. 

Creative Minds:​

Let’s be honest, not everyone has a creative mind or an eye for detail – just like some of us are no good at coding a website or playing the piano. Everyone has their talents and a wedding sytlist’s secret weapon is their creative flare! We’re so grateful that we get to embrace this talent every day and bring our couple’s ideas to life, creating their dream wedding. 

When it comes to styling a wedding, there are a lot of couples who either have absolutely no idea where to start or they know what they want but haven’t a clue how to execute it. Working with a wedding stylist can ensure you still have a beautifully styled wedding, even if ‘styling’ isn’t your thing. You shouldn’t have to miss out on having a beautiful wedding just because you don’t know how. 

Save Time: ​

This is a BIG one, when planning a wedding, time can be your best friend and it can also be your worst enemy! If you have a short bump in time or you simply run out of time with everything else going on in your life, it’s nice to know someone else will be looking after the styling for your wedding and having it looking picture perfect on the day for you! We all lead busy lives, and just like you will outsource a lot of other time consuming wedding tasks, such as the cake and hair and makeup, hiring a wedding stylist can save you bucket loads of time too. Not only do we save you the stress of the set up and pack down like we mentioned before, but in the lead up to your wedding you’re not staying up until ridiculous o’clock making DIY decorations or researching businesses to contact. A wedding stylist will make all the phone calls for you, they will help you solve problems more quickly and rather than spending two months deciding on a colour scheme, they will be able to help you make a prompt decision! 

Budget Friendly: 

Surprisingly, working with a wedding stylist can actually SAVE YOU MONEY! A lot of couples unfortunately spend far too much money styling their wedding when it’s simply not necessary. Rather than buying decor you’re never going to need again, a wedding stylist can bring it along with them, either from a hire company or from their own stock of decor. It’s easy to blow out your wedding budget when you haven’t planned a wedding before, a wedding stylist has the experience, expertise and connections to ensure you can still have the beautiful wedding you dream of while staying within your budget. We ensure our couples aren’t wasting their hard earned money and when it comes to your wedding – every dollar you can save counts, right? 

Lastly, remember, when you’re hiring a wedding stylist you want to work with someone who you connect with, who listens to your ideas, who’s organised, will involve you in each step of the process and someone who is passionate about what they do. Do your research, speak to other people who have hired a wedding stylist and find someone who you can trust to bring your dream wedding to life. 

At Eclectic Mo's Styling we pride ourselves on maintaining regular and prompt communication with our couples – there’s nothing worse than a professional who won’t get back to your messages! We find it so important to connect with our couples to really understand their wants and needs and then work closely with them to create a mood board for their wedding. We ensure each and every wedding we style is unique in its own way by incorporating personal and sentimental aspects suggested from the couples and their family. In the stages of planning your own wedding, we hope you can find a wedding stylist who can make your dream day a reality! 

Styling your wedding decor is all about making the most of your venue and adding those extra special touches. From ceremony to wedding breakfast and everything in-between, I’m your extra pair of hands to design and style your perfect celebration.  It’s the details that really make a wedding  unique but all these little jobs can add up. I work closely with you, your photographer, and your wedding planner if you have one!

So whether you’re after someone to kick start your creativity, have everything picked out and planned but need the extra pair of hands on the day, or don’t know where to start and need somebody to guide you through the styling journey, I'm your gal. From Inspiration Sessions and venue visits to mood boards and supplier meetings, you’ll have an award winning stylist who is as passionate and excited about your celebration as you are.

So, in short:

You give me your dream theme. I give recommendations of color schemes and provide mood boards for you to visualize the wedding aesthetics, wedding party, florals, etc. Then, I start to shop and source for all decor with the lowest / highest budget being considered along with bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen, flay lay supplies, the whole shabang. Everything will be tailored to meet your needs. 


Pricing varies based on wedding size, location, days needed, etc. 

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